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Leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to deliver efficient and adaptable results.

Who We are

We are executors that provide deep global technical automotive industry expertise. Our global team brings an average of 25+ years of experience per employee. We are based in Metro Detroit with offices located around the globe.

Osirius Group Is a Powerhouse.

Our team of engineering and manufacturing professionals provides quality and cost saving improvements on large-scale global automotive programs. We are hands on for every step of a program from vehicle development and process integration to logistics and tooling integration.
Program Management

Program Management

With Osirius Group, you are engaging a specialized team of industry veterans who can help you prioritize resources and time. Our team understands the disciplined task of program management within automotive, agriculture, aviation, and marine sectors.
Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Our global team of engineers will make sure that your product races towards production tooling faster than the competitors. We maintain a strict focus on timing, quality, cost, and appropriate technical improvements.

Body Shop &
General Assembly

Our team includes expert engineers that can take your product to the finish line.
Simulation & Industry 4.0

Simulation & Industry 4.0

We help you get production moving to reach targeted deadlines for product launch. We utilize the most cutting edge error-proofing and productivity tools to ensure the highest quality results.

Installation & Launch

The automotive industry is racing towards an advanced future. Let us help you beat the competition. Our services are faster, more cost effective, and globally proficient.
Paint Shop Development

Paint Shop Development

Our team’s experience developing paint infrastructure for new product lines eliminates a challenging aspect of production.

Localization Development

Osirius Group is a global team of professionals who have experience dealing with sensitive and complex projects based on customer needs. Our ability to manage local regulations and customs to deliver exceptional products sets us apart from competition.

Supply Chain & Procurement

Our team is geared towards global business. We take the guesswork out of logistical costs, which vary day to day in this ever-changing global economy, by maintaining a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to provide accurate solutions to any logistical challenge.
“It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to better yourself.”
- Dale Earnhardt

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